Who We Are

Mastic Fight Gear was founded with the Jiu Jitsu Athelete in mind and the individuals that have made Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the fastest growing martial art in the world today. We at Mastic Fight Gear strive to continue researching to make our product better for our customers. With a complete line of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kimonos to other fight gear. Mastic plans on meeting our customers needs today and grow to meet the needs for tomorrow.


You may wonder what the term Mastic means and why we are using that team. It is a substance that is deviced from nature the Pistacia lentiscus tree, it is a very sticky substance that. Similiar to Jiu Jitsu when you clinch to your openent we designed our Kimono's and products to fit the athlets. After much research we have finally decided on the cut we are using, the stitching and reinforcement that you see in our today Kimono's.


Why did we start manufacturing Kimonos and other fight gear. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu should be enjoyed by everyone and strongly feel that there should be more affordable Kimonos on the market. For the price and quality Mastic Fight Gear Kimono's will handle the day to day grind of traning and also competitions.