Q - What is the best way to clean a BJJ Gi?

A - Only wash in cold water never hot water. Gi in hot water will shirk as our Gi's are made from 100% Cotton material and hot water will cause shrinkage.

Q - How do I dry my BJJ Gi?

A - All BJJ Gi's sold by us (Mastic Fight Gear Kimono's) should all be hang dry. The only time you dry our Gi's in a dryer is if you are planning on shrinking them.

Q - How do you shrink a Gi?

A - If your Gi is a little bigger than you would like it to be and would like to shrink it, the only recommendation we have is to go through various testing of shrinking the gi. For example Hot water washing hang dry and then try on for size. If you plan on shrinking it alot at once. Hot washing machine dry, this will yield the most shrinking and is not recomended.